Ulaştırma ve Lojistik Kongreleri

Ulaştırma ve Lojistik Kongreleri

How The Country of Origin Effect On Consumer Perception of The Product Quality The Case of Libyan Customer’s Image Towards Turkish Clothes

Lamin A. Elarbah
Kastamonu Üniversitesi, Kastamonu, Türkiye

Today’s any product when crosses the border of the origin nation will tolerate the sign of that source country. As different countries continue to produce different products for the world market, through time and experience some of the countries have succeeded in producing very well recognized high-quality products around the world. The country of origin concept stands out as a substantial factor, influencing consumer behavior, attitude to certain brand or product, and, in turn, shaping his buying preferences. However, as for the marketers, country of origin concept, also referred to as «made-in» effect, emerges as a pertinent tool for shaping consumer's behavior and preferences as for the buying process. This concept holds with the idea that customer's attitude towards this of that product is indirectly influenced by the way he perceives the country of good's origin. Experts introduce the so-called «country image» factor, which combines the basic associations with the given country in the mind of the consumer. Every consumer, therefore, has a particular opinion as for the image of the country, and his buying preferences are shaped accordingly. Thus, before the 1960s, solely the price and quality of the products mattered for the consumer. However, from this time on country of origin has emerged as a significant factor, determining consumer preferences and evaluating the quality of the product. Thus, this paper aims to achieve two keys (1) to measure Libyan customer’s quality image toward clothes (2) to measure Libyan customer’s quality image toward Turkish clothes. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to explain and explore the impact of country of origin image on Libyan consumer’s perception of the product quality.

Keywords: Quality, Libyan Consumer, Customer’s Image, Turkish Clothes, Country of Origin

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